a stick and poke mermaid

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Pigs are more tactile than dogs. They revel in touch. When Mishka smells or hears a human, his first response is to investigate. Ignoring breakfast time, Mishka’s greatest joy is found in the touch of another being. If you sit in his pasture and Mishka learns of your presence, he will saunter to your position then drape himself next to your body. He will streeeeetch out for a belly rub. 

How is it possible that we love dogs enough to elevate their moral worth in our society yet we relegate nonhumans like Mishka to “food”? Mishka suffers as a dog does. He revels in belly rubs and back scratches in the same manner as a dog. When he is afraid, he squeaks and yelps like a dog. When he is joyous, he will let out a whoop of excitement and race through green grass, the unmistakable language of play and happiness. 

Mishka is someone. He is a “who” with the ability to communicate his emotions and intentions. His value is found inside his mind, not in someone’s desire to eat his flesh. 

-marji beach, education director

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